How To Peel & Chop Butternut Squash

Learn how to peel & chop butternut squash properly in this video tutorial by Good Housekeeping.  Get it down pat so you can start making some awesome fall recipes with this seasonal vegetable!


IHA Aero Knife Boiled Potato Demonstration


Aero Knife Boiled Potato Demonstration

Aero Knife Boiled Potato

At the International Housewares Association Holiday Pitch-A-Thon, there was a demonstration of the Aero Knife featured on the IHA Youtube site. The demonstration shows the incredible ability of the Aero Knife while it cuts through a soft, mushy boiled potato. It is described how the boiled potato sticks to a normal knife like glue, while making jagged cuts that mash the potato. With the Aero Knife, the soft, boiled potato made smooth precise cuts. It is exclaimed that, “It [the Aero Knife] enables you to make perfectly thin slices that don’t stick to your knife”.

Best Knife For BBQ Prep


Summertime is here! That means the beginning of BBQ season! Many people are gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend BBQ’s and backyard parties.  If you are throwing one, you know that there is a good amount of preparation involved so that you can quickly get the cooking out of the way and enjoy the party.  When cutting up meat and steaks for the BBQ, it is important to have a quality knife that will ensure smooth cuts and fast prep.  The Aero Knife is a great cooking knife for slicing meat. The holes in the knife make for 60% less surface area, so food is less likely to stick to the knife.  Get Aero Knife today and make the most of your summer food fun!