ABC Seattle Gives Positive Review

aero knife review

KOMO-TV (ABC) Seattle, WA has featured Aero Knife in its’ “Does it Work?” segment. Aero Knife was given a positive review.The consumer reporter, found that Aero Knife performed well against the other knives in her kitchen. Aero Knife cut thin tomato slices and the slicing was smoother and faster. She found it to be a nice option for a general purpose knife. Watch the whole knife review on their website here.


WVEC Gives a Positive Reveiw

Aero Knife Review

Aero Knife Review

WVEC had a ordinary mom, who normally cuts with expensive knives, test the the Aero Knife! She tested it by cutting tomatoes. She notes that with a normal knife, it will often crush the tomatoes and juice them, and they’ll stick. She was pleasantly surprised that the Aero Knife cut cleanly, without squishing it at all! In fact, at the end of her chopping and slicing, she states that she likes the Aero Knife better than her other knives. There’s a video to show her product test review. She says the lightness of the knife took a little to get used to, but once she did, it was much easier to use than her high-priced knives. So are our claims true? She thought it did exactly that and more! Try yours out today.

HomeWorld Business Featured Telebrands Products in June 24, 2013 Issue

'As Seen On TV' Report

‘As Seen On TV’ Report

In HomeWorld Business, Telebrands new house-ware products were featured. The products featured were the Perfect Polly, along with the new kitchenware of the Aero Knife and the Stone Wave. The Perfect Polly is a lifelike parakeet pet replacement. Telebrands offers this product as an entertaining companion for animal lovers without the mess, time and expense needed for a typical pet. The target market is for those in living accommodations where pets are prohibited. (Retail price $14.99)

HomeWorld Business introduced the Stone Wave by describing it as being a ceramic cookware that allows steam to escape without the use of butter and oils for healthier cooking. It comes with a 5-minute meal recipe book (retail price $10). The Aero Knife, described by HomeWorld Business, reduces slicing friction because it has 60% less surface area that keeps food from sticking. They included that it is a lighter knife but with a micro-edge blade so it uses less force to slice (retail price $10).